We offer a wide variety of services

Reliable, open-minded, and committed, we are the tried-and-true partner for nutrition-conscious businesses.
We provide all-inclusive nutrition-related services with guaranteed professional quality.

Nutrition Consultant for Product Development

We offer nutrition consultation services to all types of organizations for nutrition-related expertise, including but not limited to product development in IT fields, healthcare institutions, and food industries.

Advisor for product development

We provide comprehensive analysis for your projects by researching background evidence and offering practical recommendations. Our top-notch expertise will ensure that your nutrition-related product is ready-to-go.

Nutrition questionnaire creation

From basic clinical surveys to comprehensive food frequency questionnaires, we will develop the best-suited questionnaires for your data collection.

Nutrition product improvement

Whether your products are edible (e.g., food), readable (e.g., article), or usable (e.g., device), we will take care of them to meet your new requirements.

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Services for Food Industries

We create and refine recipes, as well as customize menus for restaurants and food-related companies. Nutritional analysis services can be performed for an existing product, or an original item developed by us.

Recipe development

Our registered dietitians and chefs turn your foodie ideas into concrete nutritional easy-to-do recipes. Nutritional analysis and food pictures can also be handled.

Menu planning

Do you have a specific population but don't know about their nutritional needs or preferences? We will investigate and plan the best meal combination for your client.

Nutritional analysis

We evaluate or validate the nutrient content of your menu items to ensure their compliance with regulations and respond to the nutritional needs of your customers.

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Nutrition Communication

With precision, we create nutrition and food content (writing, infographic, video) for brands, platforms, and institutions for your target population.

Nutritional content creation

Want to promote your product(s) for nutrition-conscious customers but don't know exactly how? Our nutrition professionals are here to create the optimal content and format tailored to your contexts.

Social media representation

With strong scientific evidence, your product can instantly set itself apart from others on social media. And our nutrition experts can bring such support to represent and optimize your digital marketing campaign targeting the public.

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Nutrition Market Integration

We assist businesses in introducing and localizing their products and services to nutrition-minded Chinese-speaking customers. Our business localization service is also available for Chinese businesses hoping to march into the global market.

Product adaptation with cultural Integration for target markets

With our nutrition and social media market insights in China, we help maintain and/or enhance the core concepts of your products with local adaptation to your designated populations.

Marketing analysis

Effective marketing analysis requires a great understanding of existing nutrition and food-related products, health regulations, and future trends. Our team will dig into the market and highlight the essentials for you.

Nutrition-related strategic marketing

We assist in nutrition product identity definement, customer and market research, promotion materials creation, and campaign management. We guarantee the validation of the nutrition content of your products.

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Corporate Wellness

We provide nutrition education, programs, and customized coaching for health-minded organizations to support their employees' wellness goals and help achieve a desirable healthy workplace.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching services for individuals?

Yes, we do! Send us an email with your concerns/needs for your visit and we will get back to you. The initial coaching session is 45 minutes for nutrition evaluation and goal-setting. Afterward, follow-up sessions are 25 minutes each for continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Health program planning

Health programs are meant to be engaging and effective. We help you evaluate the nutritional needs of your employees as a group, customize effective interventions, and provide continuous monitoring and plan adaptation.

Staff in-service training

Ranging from food safety to mindful eating, we deliver practical and scientific nutrition information and match the best-suited training method to meet your employees' needs.

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Research in Nutrition

We provide nutrition and food research-related consultation services, including background review, research question and proposal development, and report editing.

Research advisor

Need a new perspective on your project? Our tag-along service helps you improve your ideas and provides guidance to keep it on track. This includes but is not limited to intervention design, resource finding, and expert opinion.

Background review

An in-depth understanding of the background information is the key to the success of a project. Our professionals offer comprehensive background research that will get you started with a solid foundation.

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What is your rate?

The rate varies based on the type of services. It can be either project- or hourly-based.

How do you justify your rate?

After discussions, we will provide a plan proposal with explanations on services and rate details. Price is generally calculated based on the number of total hours required to perform each task, which will be clearly listed in the proposal.

What is the general process to collaborate with NUTRIORIA?

Please send us your idea via email or social media and we are happy to discuss your project further through online meetings. Once we have collected all the necessary information for your project, we will provide you with a detailed proposal and a timeline, and then it's up to you to decide, but we are ready for our collaboration whenever you are.

What is your timeline for different services?

It varies based on the type and complexity of the project, but we ensure everything will be delivered on time. Your time is greatly valued here at NUTRIORIA.

How can I be part of the team?

You can reach us through email or social media platforms. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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